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Banca corresponsal

At Comerica, we’ve become the banks’ bank by becoming a leader in correspondent services.

From liquidity needs to items processing to treasury management, our dedicated Financial Institutions Group brings decades of experience.


Asesores, no solo banqueros

The focus of Comerica's Financial Institutions Group is relationship banking. Our dedicated team is committed to helping our clients and their customers succeed.

As a Comerica correspondent banking customer, you’ll have the following advantages:

Dedicated relationship officers

Partner with experts whose sole mission is to work with financial institutions.

Complete access

Our customer service teams, who are consistently rated very highly in customer satisfaction, are always available.

Research team

Get complete access to our research professionals, supported by a seven-year, all-items image archive.

Internal/external online request tracking

Our experienced research staff is standing by to support your needs.


Correspondent banking specialists

With a long history in correspondent banking, we’ve developed the infrastructure and expertise necessary to support all of your needs.

Our detailed reporting and experienced staff understand the unique requirements of financial institutions — and how those needs differ from corporate customers.

A higher level of services and solutions

Our Financial Institutions Group can provide you with an impressive range of banking solutions, including:

Image Cash Letter Processing

Your items are cleared using fast, cost-effective options; our large-volume operation ensures highly competitive per item pricing and availability on your deposit.


Comerica offers loan participation, asset-based lending and holding company loans.

Fed Funds

We maintain federal funds limits to allow you to buy and sell funds to meet your daily liquidity requirements.

Servicios internacionales

We provide letters of credit, foreign exchange, items sent for collection, foreign cash letters and banker’s acceptance.

Funds Transfer Services
  • Wire transfers — foreign and domestic
  • Cámara de compensación automática (ACH)
  • Real-time payments
Cash Vault Services

Comerica offers full cash order and cash deposit processing services.

Tarjetas comerciales
  • Purchasing
  • Travel and entertainment
  • Fleet
  • Stored value
Information and Balance Reporting Services
  • Comerica Treasury Management
  • Connect Web®
  • Daily statements available online
Lockbox Reporting Services

Comerica offers both high-speed coupon processing and customizable invoice processing to meet your accounts receivable needs.

Additionally, we handle your customers' invoice processing needs on your behalf. This is an inexpensive way for you to expand the services you provide to your business clients.

Serv. de fideicomiso

Get safekeeping custodial servicing for investment portfolios, pension and profit sharing, and 401(k) plans.

Servicios de plica

Para situaciones de fusión y adquisición y desposeimientos corporativos, SCFS ofrece servicios que le facilitan a nuestros clientes los servicios de garantía y representación y servicios de indemnización, servicios de resguardo/custodia para certificados de acciones y códigos fuente, rescate de acciones/permuta de acciones/compra de acciones, además paquetes de retención de administración clave y plicas para paquetes de indemnización.

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*Comerica ocupa el primer puesto a nivel nacional entre los 25 principales conglomerados financieros de EE. UU., con base en los préstamos comerciales e industriales a pagar como un porcentaje de activos, cuando tales activos exceden los $50 mil millones, desde el 30 de septiembre de 2021. Datos provistos por S&P Global Market Intelligence.
1Loans subject to credit approval and maximum loan amounts may apply.