El banco líder para empresas*

Org. sin fines de lucro

At Comerica, we’ve become a leading expert in nonprofits by helping institutions conquer challenges and thrive.

From public and private universities to private secondary education, nonprofit social service organizations and charitable foundations, our dedicated Nonprofit Group brings decades of experience.

Asesores, no solo banqueros

It takes more than a "business account" to support your institution. It takes individual nonprofit and education know-how that can only come from experienced, one-on-one attention.

Comerica’s Relationship Managers work hand in hand with your organization, custom tailoring a financial package that best suits your long-term strategy.

Nonprofit specialists

For more than 70 years, Comerica has specialized in serving educational and nonprofit institutions throughout the country. Our deep understanding and knowledge of the industry allow us to effectively create and deliver customized banking solutions to nonprofit organizations.

Not-for-Profit Organizations

We understand the role your foundation or not-for-profit social service organization plays in improving the quality of life for the community you serve. We're dedicated to empowering nonprofits that are committed to our community with cost-effective accounts and services that help maximize their resources.

Public and Private Universities

Comerica is committed to helping both private and public universities and colleges with the services and tools they need to succeed and prosper.

Soluciones financieras comerciales

When you work with Comerica, you’ll be working with specialized bankers who will immerse themselves in your institution to understand your goals and provide the insight you’re looking for.

Los agentes de préstamos de Comerica trabajan como asesores confiables para su organización a fin de ofrecer las siguientes soluciones comerciales:

  • Bank-qualified and/or direct purchase tax-exempt and taxable bonds
  • Mejora de crédito con cartas de crédito financiero de garantía
  • Líneas de crédito de capital circulante
  • Préstamos a plazo e hipotecas inmobiliarias comerciales
  • Administración financiera
  • Fideicomiso institucional
  • Servicios para comerciantes y servicios para tarjetas corporativas
  • Administración de inversiones
  • Wealth management services
  • Custody services

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*Comerica ocupa el primer puesto a nivel nacional entre los 25 conglomerados financieros principales de EE. UU., en base a préstamos comerciales e industriales a pagar como un porcentaje de activos, al 31 de marzo de 2022. Datos provistos por S&P Global Market Intelligence.