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At Comerica, we’ve become a leader in technology by becoming experts in the industry.

From financing equipment and accessing capital, to managing operating expenses, customer acquisition and liquidity, our technology advisors bring decades of experience.

Business solutions, not just rates and terms

From SaaS startups to emerging machine learning to telecom growth companies, our clients seek solutions that drive efficiency, profitability and growth.

Comerica’s dedicated business financial advisors are here to help plan, guide and consult tech businesses and venture capitalists on planning, projecting, growing and protecting their earnings — with support at every stage of their life cycle.

Early mid stage financing
Early & mid-stage financing

Growth capital lending and MRR/ARR financing

Traditional financing
Traditional financing

Working capital lending and equipment or real estate financing

Cash flow lending
Cash flow lending

Buyout, acquisition or dividend/recap financing

Equity fund services
Equity fund services

Partner lending and capital call or subscription financing

Technology specialists

Un desarrollador de software no es lo mismo que un fabricante de software. Es algo obvio pero que muchas veces no se tiene en cuenta en la industria financiera.

With an average tenure of 16 years and over 30 years’ experience in venture banking, our relationship team brings a wealth of insight, experience and networking relationships.

Soluciones financieras comerciales

We begin by understanding your business from the ground up before we recommend how to help you grow.

Nuestro proceso consultivo según sus necesidades particulares está hecho para usted, con soluciones bancarias personalizadas como:

  • SAAS y Suscripción a líneas de crédito¹
  • Estrategias de capital para el crecimiento
  • Préstamos para equipos¹
  • Comercio y finanzas internacionales
  • Cobertura de divisas

Dedicated support for life sciences

From research to product launch, the life sciences industry demands an experienced financial partner who understands the complexities of the development cycle and more. Comerica customizes solutions that support a wide range of life sciences and health care companies.

Financiamiento de capital privado

We provide our clients with customized solutions ranging from $500,000 to $100 million.

Maximice sus oportunidades.

Get your complimentary consultation from the Leading Bank for Business*.

*Comerica ocupa el primer puesto a nivel nacional entre los 25 principales conglomerados financieros de EE. UU., con base en los préstamos comerciales e industriales a pagar como un porcentaje de activos, cuando tales activos exceden los $50 mil millones, desde el 30 de septiembre de 2021. Datos provistos por S&P Global Market Intelligence.
1Préstamos sujetos a aprobación de crédito.