Web Bill Pay Enhancements

Comerica Web Bill Pay®

We’ve been working to Raise Your Expectations by upgrading and improving your online and web banking experience, and now we want to tell you about some exciting changes coming to Comerica Web Bill Pay®. On  Sunday, February 28th, we will launch new enhancements to Comerica Web Bill Pay that will make your bill paying experience easier and more streamlined.

Here’s an overview of the main Comerica Web Bill Pay enhancements:

Redesigned Payment Center:

You'll be able to manage all of your bills in one place, as we have replaced the current "Manage Your Bills" tab with an updated Payment Center.  We've made identifying your biller easier by adding company logos next to company names, and we've streamlined the Payment Center by adding links to the following information:


  • Review previous and future payment and eBill activity along with a link to the full
    activity / send money details area
  • View up to 3 pending payments
  • More Activity link that will take you to the Activity page


  • Set up or review (change, stop, manage) your bill reminders
  • If a reminder is not set up for a payee (biller) you’ll see a call-to-action to Set Up Reminder


  • Set up or review (add Multiple, change, stop) automatic payments
  • If AutoPay is not set up for a payee (biller) you’ll see a call-to-action to Set Up AutoPay

eBills: Sign up for eBills and review existing eBill details (if this option is available from the Payee/Biller)

New Payment Center screen shot example:

Web Banking Upgrade

Comerica Web Banking® upgrade.

The new Comerica Web Banking® is here! We want to Raise Your Expectations of what web banking can be, so we've completely redesigned web banking with a new look, and you'll enjoy new features that give you even more control over your finances.

New Web Banking Features will include:

  • Login Page: upon your first login, you’ll be asked to accept new Web Banking terms and conditions
  • Access Manager: exciting new feature that will give web banking account owners the ability to give access to their web banking account to another individual (called a sub-user). 
    • Set different access levels for each sub-user by bank account
    • Sub-users will be subject to the same security requirements as the account owner
    • Sub-users will not have access to Mobile Banking, External Transfers or Person to Person Transfers and may have limited web bill pay capability
  • Account Overview Page: new functions have been added to allow you to access the most commonly used Web Banking features on the first page
    • Expand each of your accounts to show the last 10 transactions in the last 30 days
    • Quickly transfer funds between accounts or to a Person via a new Quick Transfer option
    • View a Bill Pay Summary that will show pending payments, bills and eBills without having to access Comerica Web Bill Pay®
    • Make Payments using the Quick Payment option
    • Ability to hide and unhide accounts within Web Banking
  • Forgot my password: Answer 3 security challenge questions correctly and you will be allowed to reset your password and access Web Banking.  If you don’t have your security challenge questions established then you will receive a one-time password via your email. See the Web Banking Security tab to the left for more information on establishing security questions.
  • Internet Explorer 8: Internet Explorer 8 will no longer be a supported browser for accessing Comerica Web Banking. Please upgrade to a newer browser version or use an alternate browser.

Web Banking Security

New Web Banking security enhancements

Safeguarding our customer’s financial information is one of our top priorities, and we are excited to announce we are adding additional security measures to Comerica Web Banking® to strengthen the protection of your financial information. 

New Web Banking Security enhancements will include:

  • New Security/Challenge Questions: all customers will establish 5 new security/challenge questions

    • You’ll only be prompted to choose these questions once, but you’ll be able to update your security/challenge questions at any time by accessing the Self Service tab within Web Banking
    • Customers will be asked to set up these new questions over a 10 week period following the launch of the new Web Banking. During that 10 week period you may be chosen at random to establish your security/challenge questions. If you wish to avoid a random login interruption you can choose to update your security questions at any time in the new system by accessing the Self Service tab
  • Security Alerts: any time you update your Web Banking profile you will automatically receive a security alert message via email. The email alert will be sent to the email address assigned to your Web Banking profile for the following scenarios:

    1. Security Question Changed
    2. Incorrect Security Answer
    3. User Locked Out
    4. Password Changed
    5. User ID Changed
    6. Updated Email and Phone
    7. Address Changed

Comerica.com Update

Comerica.com design update.

Welcome to the new Comerica.com! Our website look and feel has been enhanced for a better overall customer experience but the site's navigation and structure that you are used to has remained the same.

You will continue to access your accounts the same way, whether you use Comerica Web Banking®, Comerica Mobile Banking®, or any other application. Check out some of the example screen shots below for the new Comerica.com!