An investment property can be at the center of an income growth strategy, part of a retirement plan or used to diversify a portfolio. The methods and reasons for investing in property are as varied as the properties themselves - and their investors. Some see being a landlord as a part-time or full-time job; others invest and sell one property at a time. But two elements are common to any kind of investment: you are seeking a return, and nothing is certain except potential risk.

Whether you’re interested in entering the investment property arena and need information or you’re comfortable with real estate investment and are seeking to fine-tune your strategy, you’ll find information here to help you.

Investment Options

There are many ways to structure your property investment, but most involve one of two basic strategies:

  • Buy to hold: In this scenario, you will be the landlord or you’re planning to live in the property yourself at a later date and will rent it in the meantime.

  • Buy to sell: Buying an investment property to later sell at a higher price has become very popular with investors.