Text to CoBnk (26265)

Simply create a new text message on your mobile phone, and text a command to CoBnk (26265) to retrieve your account balance, view recent transactions, or locate the Comerica banking center or ATM nearest you.

Commands Descriptions
Bal Balance inquiry on all registered accounts
Hist + acct nickname Transaction history for nicknamed account. View last 4 transactions. (Must include acct. nickname after command, e.g. Hist NICKNM)
More Additional history for nicknamed account
Stop Deactivates the phone for Comerica Mobile Banking®
Help Receive list of text commands and Customer Service number for assistance
ATM, Branch (example)
  1. ATM + ZIP
  2. ATM + city, state
  3. ATM + city, state, ZIP
Locate the nearest ATM or Comerica banking center. Must include (ZIP, city, state, street)